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2019.02.22. 08:56
Monique Koster (left) and Ben van der Ven

FOREIGN tourists praised for helping a woman who collapsed at a city Metro station have told Shanghai Daily that they are paramedics just doing what they’re trained to do.

Dutch couple Ben van der Ven and Monique Koster were in Shanghai on a 16-day holiday when they saw a commuter collapse at People’s Square Station at around 9am on May 22.

Accounts and photographs of them helping her were posted online and the couple were praised for their calmness Kelvin Benjamin Camo Jersey , efficiency and professionalism.

Van der Ven, 45, e-mailed Shanghai Daily recently after seeing coverage in the newspaper and explained that he and Koster were volunteer paramedics with the Red Cross.

They are trained in lifesaving techniques including resuscitation, defibrillation oxygen treatment and advanced first aid.

“We’ve been doing this for 20 years, so are very experienced,” wrote van der Ven Kyle Williams Camo Jersey , whose several part-time jobs include working at an indoor ski slope and driving an ambulance.

Modestly, he downplayed the couple’s role in the incident, saying they didn’t do much apart from making sure the commuter, who had suffered an epileptic episode with severe muscle contractions, did not hurt herself.

Van der Ven also recounted how he and Koster helped the 57-year-old.

“We first look at the airway see if it’s clear. In this case, her tongue was between her teeth LeSean McCoy Camo Jersey , so we solved that problem as you can easily bite off your tongue.

“After that, we looked at the breathing, which was very fast in this case, but also no problem.

“Then the circulation — a very high heartbeat, which is normal for the condition she was in.

“Normally, contractions stop after several minutes. People get very tired because of the attack Tremaine Edmunds Camo Jersey ,” van der Ven explained.

“A nice Chinese girl offered to translate, which she did perfectly.

“When the woman was coming to her senses again, she said that she had epilepsy. So we asked if she could sit in a quiet place for a while,” he added.

“The ambulance personnel checked her vital signs again, and after that, she could leave. Normally Josh Allen Camo Jersey , you don’t have to go to hospital,” van der Ven said.

In photographs of the incident, van der Ven and his girlfriend are seen to be wearing medical gloves.

“We work with a protocol as safety is the first thing for us and the victim. Therefore, always gloves,” he explained.

“We also had a small medical kit with us, but didn’t need it.”

Helping someone who has fallen has become contentious in China John Miller Rush Jersey , with high-profile cases of apparent victims blaming good Samaritans for their fall and claiming compensation.

Van der Ven said this has not happened to him and he would never hesitate to come to someone’s aid. “I work as a volunteer with the Red Cross and such news wouldn’t stop me.”

These are the times when hard economic cuts on the athletic department will show who is economically fit enough to survive.

According to Tony Piccolo, Ansonia’s athletic director, last year’s sports budget was $290,000. But the board of education cut back about $110,000 for this year which caused the loss of an assortment of freshman teams including forced loss of golf, tennis Shaq Lawson Rush Jersey , and middle-school sports. Other sports activities, which suffered from the cut back, were the JV football, the varsity program, and half a year of dance.

This is the time when every athletic director has to be creative to make sure that even with huge budget cuts the integrity of their athletic department can still be held intact. Saving every penny is now the name of the game. One example is combining buses of the tennis team with the softball team. Small sacrifices like these can get the soccer team some new soccer uniforms. For Ansonia, their soccer jerseys will have to last them longer. Since their design will be replaced after two years of use. Which is a better option than dropping the program altogether. But Tony said that he is still looking for ways to buy cheaper soccer uniforms. He just needs put more effort into helping the team get new soccer jerseys.

Bunnel’s sports director Dave Johnson said Dion Dawkins Rush Jersey , “You count every penny. You make sure every purchase is justified. There are things you can do where the kids can still participate, but you save a little bit here, a little bit there from every team in the entire program. … You maintain the integrity of the program, but at the same time, you’re helping out the district.”

Even Derby’s Joe Orizietti shares, “The last several years Zay Jones Rush Jersey , yes, we cut some programs entirely.” But he also mentioned some good news for this year, “Past years, we were using gate receipts to supply teams. Our supply budget-we got some money this year from the board of education, which is great.” He also added, “Being a small school Tre'Davious White Rush Jersey , in a small district, it’s tough.” So it’s a good thing that schools in the Valley help each other whenever possible.

SCC commissioner Al Carbone even heard of state-tournament games being turned down due to the state budget crunch threatening athletic programs. It is simply difficult to support these sports activities especially when the revenue return just isn’t there.

Mike Moore writes for sports websites. Soccer is one of the world’s